Flipping through the preview channel recently, I saw that ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ was on.??The 1930s film caught my attention because in it we get a glimpse of some great organizing tips.

1. Whistle while you work!

Use music to fuel a positive mood and keep a productive pace.? When some people hear “their?song” they spring to life, moving with boundless energy.? Imagine taking that effort and applying?it to your space.? Clutter won’t stand a chance!

?Organizing can be fun.? If you love music use it to get energized then get organized.

?2. Off to work WE go…

Get help from family and friends to work as a team.? ?Let them know the goal, say donating?clothes.? Then give everyone 5 minutes to assemble their donations.? Whoever has the most?items to donate ‘wins’ a prize.? This game can be played with different goals until everyone’s?room is decluttered.?

It’s not exactly mining diamonds but clearing clutter can be just as much work with even bigger?rewards. ?

?3. Fairest of them all?

One point that I must stress is to stop comparing yourself to everyone else.?? You do not have?to have as much stuff as the Jones’.??Your organizing system does not have to look the same as Susie Homemaker’s.? Define your own success.? ?Organize for reasons that matter to you.? Make?your space work in a way that is best for YOU!?

Hopefully these tips are?a good primer to get you motivated to work on your space.? It may not end up being a fairy tale castle but it will be your home sweet home.