The spring season has brought with it many weather related emergencies. Floods, tornadoes and fires have caught many off-guard. You may not have experienced an emergency personally but that does not mean you should go without planning for any situation that could occur. Here are some steps to guide you as you get prepared to protect yourself from a future emergency.


1. Know what types of emergencies can occur in your area
2. Record and access the sources of information on emergency alerts
3. Prepare your home for the impacts of emergencies
4. Assemble and record your vital documents and contacts
5. List your supplies and begin stocking them
6. Plan for shelter-in-place, evacuation and separation
7. Share plans with family members and neighbors
8. Hold a talk/walk-through drill of the plan
9. Respond per your plan if an emergency occurs
10. Maintain records of communications and actions during your recovery
11. Refresh your information and plan as needed!

Hopefully you will not have to deal with any devastating emergency situation. By making efforts now to prepare for emergencies you will have the confidence and resources to respond later if needed.

Be Safe
Be Prepared