A couple of weeks ago I visited my mom for a milestone birthday party. She danced the night away with friends, family and coworkers. She pointed out my sisters and me with the usual responses ?she can?t be that old; she only looks (insert a really low number please :))?. Well I am getting to be that old and with that comes the musing over what I am doing with my life and what I want to have accomplished by my next milestone birthday.

Quickly my mind goes to all that there is to do work, family, etc. and how little time there seems to be? Everyone in fact has the same amount of time in each day, in each week. The difference in those who do more is how the time is viewed, prioritized and spent. The next time you feel that you are not making good use of your time ask yourself these questions:

How do you view your time?
Do you know where the time is being spent? Do you believe that you can get more done? Are you in control of what to do with your time?

What are the priorities for your time?
What things do you say are most important to you and do those priorities drive how you spend your time. Do others know your priorities and respect them? Do you have a list of dreams or a bucket list that you want to work on?

How do you spend the time available to you?
Do your priorities show up in how you spend your time? Do you spend any time evaluating tasks and deciding when you are not the best person to complete certain tasks? Are you actively improving your skills and work processes to be more efficient?

A quote that always makes me smile is ?Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away?.? For all the waking hours of each day you can?have something planned but think about the questions above and try to decide if that something is the best thing to fill your time. Busy is great if you are busy making time for the life you really want to live.