As you recover from celebrating the Nation’s independence have you realized it may time to declare yours?? “From what?” you ask…


Girls, you have the right to life, liberty and a purse you can find your keys in.

Guys, let your clothes assume their equal stations not on the floor but?in drawers and on hangers.

?Make a resolution and take that first step towards making your place everything you want it to be.? Clutter does not just take up space at times it can seem to take over your life.? If you are ready to be free from the stress of all that stuff try these decluttering tips.

?Stop clutter at the door

  • Keep a recycle box to dispose of junk mail instead of piling it with important mail
  • Install an entryway organizer to hold the family’s bags and outerwear
  • Decline give-a-ways of stuff you do not need, will not use or do not love
  • Set a rule of flow: ?before 1 new thing comes in 2 old things have to go out.

?Work one project at a time

Working through everything at once can be overwhelming.? Start with one space then move on to the next:? computer desk this week and file cabinet next week.? Breaking the room down into smaller areas allows you to see progress in a shorter span of time.? Whatever is causing you the most stress or irritation would be a great place to start.

?Make the time to stay organized

Staying organizing does not have to be a huge drawn-out ordeal. Once a room is in order, 15 minutes is enough time to pick up and keep a room neat.? Make it a habit to purge as you see an item is damaged or unwanted.? Clean up right after you use project supplies.? If you change bags, dispose of trash and put aside items you won’t need that week.? Give the kids a weekend morning challenge:? Whoever can get their room the neatest in 5 minutes wins.? Be creative and be consistent.??

You deserve to enjoy all of the spaces you worked so hard to have.? Your things should not add stress to your life they should make it better.? If you put in the effort now to get that space organized you will soon be celebrating you own independence day!