It is so official! My home has been a construction zone for the past 4 months. As the work has progressed, more and more things are not in their usual places and I am completing routine tasks in very different ways.

Thankfully I am only situationally disorganized… this is a short term state of disorganization due to a specific activity that is not deeply undermining my overall quality of life. I am coping fairly well let my friends tell it. I mainly owe my calmness to a couple of approaches:

  1. Simpler systems and routines
  2. Temporarily lower expectation of order

Cutting back on the number of items you use or the steps in getting things done will save you time and frustration. Think about how you would respond to losing an often used space in your home or if you went camping and didn’t have access to all the same accommodations.

I am using a single set of microwaveable dishes. This reduces the time spent looking for new clean dishes. Another alternative may be getting disposal dishes but they would have to be stored and create more trash… I have no cabinets and other cubbies are already otherwise occupied.

My meals include more items which do not require a lot of prep or cleanup. I have a standard set of groceries I am rotating every week or so. I also have menus saved for some good take- out options to add variety.

My house is usually in great shape. The common areas are free of clutter. Everyday items are close to their point of use. This is not currently the case. The way I am used to my home looking is my personally held standard that I established for myself therefore naturally I am the harshest critic. Once I reconciled the renovation goal with the fact that things would not be back to my normal for a while it greatly reduced my anxiety about the disorder. Sometimes you have to give yourself a break. If you catch the flu and are bedridden, no one else would expect you to do everything as if you were completely well. During times of illness in your space the same exclusions should temporarily apply.

Little by little thing are returning to normal. I am very much looking forward to my home returning to normal. Until then, I’ll be focusing on the bright spots that work well for me and maybe go get some extra Zs. At least the bed is still clear 🙂