If a fire or natural disaster hit your home, would your important papers be safe? It is imperative that you stock your home safe with the following papers. If you have both a bank safe deposit box and a home safe, keep the originals of the following documents at your bank and copies in your home safe. At the least, have a fire-proof safe at home. You can pick up one at any office supply store or home goods store, such as Target or Wal-Mart. Safes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as price ranges.

? Adoption and citizenship papers, passports
? Birth, death, and marriage certificates
? Property deeds, mortgage papers, rental agreements
? Divorce decrees
? Insurance policy papers
? Lease agreements and loan documents
? Military records
? Personal property appraisals (jewelry, collectibles, artwork)
? Social security cards
? Stock and bond certificates
? Vehicle titles
? Copies of wills, powers of attorney, living will papers

What?s the most irreplaceable thing in your home? Most people say it?s photos. So, put photo negatives or a CD-ROM of most-cherished photos in your safe or off-site safe deposit box. Your family memories will be preserved and reproducible even in the event of a disaster.

And don?t forget to LOCK your home safe. It is NOT fireproof if the lock is not engaged! Take action today to prepare and get organized. Your peace of mind will be your true reward.