Early morning channel surfing rewarded me with a movie- Ice Age: The Meltdown. It reminded me of the doomsday predictions of Y2K and this past week?s 12/21/12 Mayan Calendar predictions. Okay so what does this have to do with organizing? Well in the movie, as they are convinced that their home will flood, the creatures take off for safety towards the edge of the valley. There is a cut to a family of dung beetles; the father leads the line struggling to push a ball of dung. With a huge heave he asks his wife ?Do we have to take this crap?!? She responds? my mother gave it to us.?

So let?s move past the doomsday talk and transition to taking your life forward into next year. You need to set goals for where you want to be and secure resources to support you and your family through to success but you may still be planning to take a bunch of ?crap? with you too.

Are you keeping ?crap? because it was a gift from a loved one and you have assigned value to it for only that reason? Or maybe you are just used to seeing an item in the house and it has become part of the background. Are there any items that are emotionally and physically draining for you to keep in the space because you are frustrated from moving them back and forth? In all of those cases the items could be considered clutter. It not only takes up space but can hold you back from getting to the next great thing in your life. Being organized is not just about getting control over stuff and having an orderly space but also allowing the order to support you being productive in that space and other areas of your life.

What item do you have in your space that potentially could slow you down from making a life changing move? What does that item mean to you and are you prepared to care for and cart it as you navigate challenges or uncertain times? Is that item really clutter and you just need help to put it in perspective? I can help you answer these questions and make an action plan that moves you forward. Email or call me when you are ready to take the next step.