Ever hear the saying ?it takes a village to raise a child?? Well if you are not a child what you feel you need is likely not life critical yet it allows you live a fuller more satisfying life. You have food, clothing and shelter but you yearn for greater self- confidence, sense of achievement and peace of mind. Organizing can help you gain all those things. So does it take a village to get organized? I believe it does. Think about how many times you have just been run down mentally by being disorganized and feeling you were all alone. How much closer to happy productive days could you be if you had a goal achievement support team to call on?

You can build a village around yourself to help work towards any goal that you have. You should enlist members to fill the following roles:

Motivator- to encourage you to stay in a positive frame of mind about your decisions and to remind you of the benefits you will experience in accomplishing your goal

Helper- to walk with you as you take small preparatory steps then increasingly larger purpose- driven action steps and to push you to overcome barriers to achieving your goal

Accountability Partner- to reflect your measurement of movement towards the goal and challenge you to maintain all gains achieved.

Take a minute to make a short list of a couple people in your life that could serve in each of those roles. Make the time to contact them next week. Share your goal and ask them to join your village describing the role they can best play. The sooner you establish your support team the sooner you can make progress towards achieving your goal.