carl bard_new start 9-2-14I recently heard a radio show host say he considered September 1 to be the second new year…? I hadn’t heard it expressed that way before.? Yes! September does begin a time of change and transition in nature and family schedules but when I thought about it a little more it made sense to use this time to recommit and take action the same way we do in January.

?Have you ever wanted to just erase that failed attempt at getting organized or take back the time spent on lesser tasks that kept you from spending time with your family?? I can’t give you a time travel portal but I can share with you 3 quick reasons to take action now:

?You’re likely already making changes

With the 1st of September comes the season of change.? Some areas are seeing the first signs of fall and may be transitioning their wardrobes. ?Some people are experiencing life changes of school starting and schedules readjusting to more active busy lifestyle. Why not ?optimize the family calendar and set up some boundaries.? Didn’t quite hit the goal on that hottie beach body? Now may be time for some coaching to increase focus and keep you from gaining weight.

?There’s a good amount of time left in the year

Starting a new habit or reclaiming an unruly space now would give you 90-120 days to execute your plan and experience success. ??Also you don’t have to go all the way back to a castoff new year’s resolution just start by focusing on what you have learned from it that can help you move forward and feel like this year you’ve had some positive results that you can sustain over time.

?One small success can bolster confidence to do more

You know how it feels when you’re making things happen and loving life?!? You’re super confident and will try something completely new feeling you can’t lose. Success shakes off fear and dependency ?replacing them with optimism and self-reliance. ?Yeah it’s kind of deep but it’s true.? Have more positive experiences, you can change your mind and environment!

I hope you’re looking at this month as an opportunity to do something positive to improve your space and time use.? The biggest challenge is making the first step and deciding to take action.

So, what are you going to start this month?