Wow! It’s already October.? This year is flying by but there is still time to reclaim your space and clear out that scary clutter.scary-clutter-210x250

?Start by understanding what you want the space to be, what will happen here, who will use it, what items are critical to perform those functions.?

?Set aside a couple of hours to sort a small section of the room. Feel free to set a timer if your time is limited and you can only work for a 1-2 hours divide your room into 4-8 sections and start working left to right top to bottom.

SORT the items you will keep into categories that you need for the activities you want to do in the space.? Remember sorting can be into groups of the like items or it can be into functional groups.? If it’s an office you might want to have a pile for the office supplies, the reference materials/ books, the electronic tools, etc. Or you may put together everything needed to make cakes including the pans, the mixer, and decorating items.

PURGE?the items that do not support what you want to happen in the space.? These can be donations, trash, recyclables and things that belong in other spaces. Make sure you don’t let recyclables and donations haunt your home for too long. Get them out of the space and off to their new homes as soon as you can.

ASSIGN home to the groupings that you formed.? For the kitchen this may mean designating where the cups may go versus pots and pans, plates and dry goods.? Make sure to get a good understanding if your group of items will fit into the home you assigned.? You may have to be flexible on location or get creative in the next steps with some new solutions. Also take a few minutes to remove any cobwebs and

CONTAINERIZE the groupings of items.? This is a great time to repurpose all of the bins, baskets and dividers you may have found during the sorting steps.? Work on getting the items in the places you have assigned.?

EQUALIZE?your efforts.? Maintain your space by giving equal attention to keeping the space in order to balance the time you use the space and potentially reclutter it.

Don’t be afraid to address your cluttered space!? Just following these five steps you can get your space nice and clutter free just in time to decorate for the holidays!?