Happy New Year!!!?

new-years-resolutions-300?If one of your resolutions is to get organized know you are not alone.? Last year it made #2 in a top 10 listing of resolutions and behind that the articles on tips and must haves flooded in.? It’s no wonder getting your space in order can at times be overwhelming.? To regain confidence to tackle your organizing goals it’s important to keep a few key things in mind as you get started.

1. Decide where to start.

You can’t do everything at once and to get the most reward for your efforts, it helps to make a conscious decision about which area you will tackle.? You can choose based on a space that causes you the most frustration maybe the desk where it takes 5 minutes to find an ink pen or the closet that usually holds only half a pair of shoes.? Another factor may be frequency of use.? The living room may be high on the list as it impacts how the whole family interacts.? A third way to decide is by exploring what’s most important for moving you forward.? You want to get organized for a reason, right?!? When you clearly understand that reason you can use it to drive you to the area that will improve your life.

?2. Know your goals

You have the reason why now think about the what.? What do you want the result of getting organized to be (here’s a hint it’s usually close to opposite of how things go now).? How should your space work for you? ?What will the new space help you to achieve?? What is most needed in the space to make it great?????

?3. Make organizing a priority

Now that you have your prime space in mind, make some time for it.? Making an appointment with your space and adding it on your calendar should be done as soon as possible.? When needed break up the time into chunks.? Remember the organizing process has a few steps so you should schedule time based on what is needed to complete the project not just how long you want to work.

If you don’t have much experience organizing then start small: the closet versus the whole bedroom,? your briefcase versus the whole office.? This will boost your confidence as well as give you an idea of your pace and how long it will take on the next piece of your project.

?4. Get support

You have the motivation from a new chance at the year.? You may have caught up in a magazine or online “10 best ways to organize the closet”.? Do you have the support you need of someone who can serve as both cheerleader and coach?? Asking for help when you are overwhelmed, stuck or want to quit is a good thing.? We accomplish big things when we can celebrate along the way and can maintain focus during difficult times.

The new year is universally seen as an opportunity to restart and improve.? The National Association of Professional Organizers agrees and designated January ‘Get Organized Month’.?? It is the perfect time to attack your challenges with time management, storage solutions and productivity to have your best year yet.?

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