hearthomeRemember when you first moved into your house?? It was new and fresh and everyday you wanted to rush home and fall into the loving embrace of “your space”.? As time went on life happened and with it came lots of stuff and distractions. The space you enjoyed keeping guest ready became another constant figure on the list of to-dos. Refreshing the relationship with your space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get past that love- hate feeling now by building in some simple routines.

?It can be simple.

Soooo building a routine may sound like a big deal but really it’s not.? It just requires for you to take some reasonable action on a regular frequency. Here are a few ways to help you take action.

Break it down – divide the space into zones to keep focus on a manageable set of steps versus facing the whole room at once. This can be the natural function zones of a multiuse room or just single task throughout the room.

?Check it off working from a checklist can give you consistency and efficiency.? instead of trying to remember to remember you can just do what’s on the list.? One thing I love about checklists is they give you a little?positive boost as you check off each item and ultimately finish everything.

?Time it-if you are freaky busy you can benefit from short intervals of activity. These shorter bursts help you fit in decluttering on any given day.? Decide how long you want to work then use the clock to get time on your side.

?T, I’m so busy…can we talk more about the frequency??

Yes let’s!? The organizing process is a balance of use and reordering. Your approach to?maintenance needs to consider how soon after you use a space you will put it back in good order.? Decide which works best for you by choosing now or later.

The NOW approach is like a restaurant. You come in?use the space for a while and declutter a little as you go from one activity to another. Then when you are ready to leave the space everything is cleared. The room is left very presentable and available for the next use.

The LATER approach is like a building maintenance service.? Many users come through the space than at a scheduled time it is put back in order.
Both work well and can allow you to be successful in keeping your home organized and happy.

Having a home environment that feels like a sanctuary from the craziness of the outside world is essential to a sense of balance.? You can achieve the space you need?by spending?some quality time with each room in regular maintenance routines.? Keep it simple and do it regularly to feel less like a chore and more like an act of love.

Happy Organizing!