trust jumpWhile working with a client this week she said “I wish I could work with you every day”.? I smiled as she clearly meant it as a compliment to what I helped her accomplish.? We had just finished working on building her first packing list for an upcoming extended trip.? She was finally feeling the pressure of last minute packing fading away.? I was excited for her and at the same time curious about her comment.? I believe our relationship is such that she values my expertise and trusts I am supporting her just as she needs it.? Still I wondered “is she learning to trust herself through our work together?”? And if not how can I help her regain that trust?

It happens to us all.? As we change our priorities, learn something new, have to change or do something differently, we may no longer feel in complete control. Though we have the courage to start we may not know how to keep going.? We don’t trust ourselves to sit in that uncomfortable moment alone.? I reassured my client that she in a good place and gave her 3 pieces of advice to regain her own trust.

1. Keep practicing

Those who are most proficient at their profession, hobby, sport or happiness use their skills often.? If you don’t have them ask get help from someone willing to teach you.? Practice breeds confidence.? Confidence renews courage that can power you to try again.? You will get better with practice. ?

2. Look for the learning

Don’t get stuck on what didn’t go well.? Instead, look for the a-ha moments in your organizing experiences and ask yourself what did I learn.? You can find out about yourself, your abilities, your drivers for moving forward.? Imagine what you will be able to do next?

3. Celebrate your success?

As you are more aware of those learnings and see the positive results, celebrate.? Be inspired by the things that you do know and appreciate the person you are becoming– someone you can trust to help with your organizing needs.? ??????

The tension that comes with learning new skills and then trusting yourself to use them takes some time to ease.? That time can be well spent in practicing the very thing that unsettles you. While working the process you learn by doing, recognize success and relearn how to trust yourself.?

How have you learned to trust yourself recently?? Post a comment below!