Box of unwanted stuff close upFinishing?up a recent appointment, an interesting thing happened.? As I packed my truck with donations, the homeowner came over and added in an old clock.? Then she said “Thank you clock.? I’m going to miss?the chiming you did for me. I can let you go now.”?


I stand by the viewpoint that our things serve a purpose.? Whether tool, toy or treasure things are in our life for specific reasons.?On an ongoing basis if we treat them well they will do just what we intended for them to.? Then when their task is done, they are used up, or we have changed our minds about them, we should be able to let them go.??In reality that doesn’t always happen?for many reasons including:??we value the?things we spend money on, we connect them to our relationships with people, we feel if they are useful they can be tolerated taking up extra space and others.

I love that she was able to initiate her own way of letting go. We talked about the clock being something she remembers for many years in the home.? It was a gift from a family member.? It hadn’t been used?recently and didn’t really have a place?because it was replaced with other clocks she likes now. Yet it was still in the maybe area. For some other items we had to think of ways to help her facilitate letting go of items.? I want that to go to my friend. I want to get some money for this so it needs to be sold. I want a picture of that piece…? In this case she decided on her own that it was okay that the clock had done it’s job and that was enough.? So she brought it to me?and she thanked the clock.

I smiled at my client and told her I appreciated her expression of gratitude for the clock.? I would take it to the place of her choosing and someone else will enjoy?it like she did. She said I know it’s silly but that’s what I needed to do to let it go.?

It wasn’t silly.? It was awesome and I wished more people could do it so simply. That experience was a great way to end the day.? I left excited about the project and what my client was learning about her ability to work through the organizing process.? I just had to share!

What about you?

Have you ever had the experience of thanking an item as a way to help you let it leave your space? Share in the comments.

Happy organizing!