You know that old saying April showers bring May flowers.? Well it brings a little bit more than that.? Any time is a good time to get organized and spring is no exception.? Check out these 3 things that I know come in the month of April and how they can remind you to declutter your space.

1. Allergies

Between the falling pollen and beginning of grass cutting if you have any sensitivity with airborne allergens, you are stocking up on tissues and medication.? Now is a good time to review your medicines.

  • Check those travel bags, bathroom cabinets, bedroom and kitchen bins for outdated and expired prescriptions.? If there are old prescriptions with doses left return them to your pharmacy for destruction.
  • Separate the valid ones by family member or condition and return to proper storage area.
  • For any current ones make sure your next pickup is on auto-fill or if it will require a doctor visit you add that to your task list to schedule a visit soon.
  1. Mosquitoes

Riiiiight. I hate them around my house too.? The customary advice to reduce these critters on our property is to survey and dump standing water. Now is a great time to take stock of those hiding places and decide if they even need to exist.?

  • Can you reduce the number of empty pots and trays?
  • Does that old tire or oil pan need to be put to the curb?
  • What?s creating dark hiding places on the patio or in the shed that is no longer needed??

Having an open space through which your fans or any pest treatment can flow will be a big help to take the sting out of your spring.? ??

  1. Warm Weather

Even though we didn?t have a cold winter you can still spend some time turning over your wardrobe to prepare for the warming.? Take a couple of hours to go through your closet to get out the items that are no longer needed in this new season.

  • What doesn?t fit? What do you no longer like? What hasn?t been worn for the past 2 years?
  • Take a closer look at the things you want to keep.? Do any of them need repairs or cleaning? Do that now.
  • Where are you going to put these off season items up to make room for what you will wear now?? Whether it?s the back of the closet, up on a higher shelf, in a different room or contained in the attic.? Make sure the place is big enough for what you have and any containers you use are appropriate for the storage area. ??

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with lists of things to do and when exactly is the right time to execute a plan.? If you let the natural cycles in your life guide you to action, you likely won?t go wrong.? Hope you enjoy all the gifts of spring!

Happy Organizing!