About A Taylored Space

A Taylored Space was founded in 2009 when I decided the best way to use my talents and passions to help people was to start a business that could offer home and small office organizing services. Over the past couple of years I researched several alternatives but I was led to organizing because it combines my skills for increasing order and effectiveness with my enthusiasm for improving lives through creative service.

A Taylored Space is Functional~Beautiful~Transformational

Our goal for each project we undertake is for the client to have a transformational organizing experience that creates a space that is functional and beautiful.  These tenets are the building blocks of our company’s work.

  • Functional- use the right tools for the job and make the room work for you, the client
  • Beautiful- bring in not just what works but what looks and feels good
  • Transformational- make your space work, make your habits supportive, make room for your life

A Taylored Space is based in Baton Rouge and works with clients of all needs including: recent retirees, teachers, home based business owners, students, hard working moms and dads and more.

About Teresa Taylor

I became a Professional Organizer because I want to help people experience the benefits of finding creative solutions to their organizing challenges.  I’m a problem solver, a geek with a creative side and I truly believe that being organized improves ones quality of life.

Problem Solver

I enjoy mystery stories and I love chemistry.  I earned a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from LSU.    I have worked in operations support, environmental compliance, contract management, process development  and numerous community organization roles.  All of that contributes to my abilities to identify core issues, evaluate creative options and develop workable plans to solve problems and improve performance.

Artsy Smartsy

I’m a left brained logical, preplanning, self- acknowledged geek who loves to use my right brain.  I draw, paint, bead, garden, DIY at the house… just about any project I can think of I like to figure out how do it with my own two hands. I also enjoy being inspired by home improvement shows and the willingness of so many homeowners asking for help to live better.

Quality of Life

It can be defined many different ways: getting out the door to an event faster or just having restful quiet time at home; getting the kids’ things put away or knowing which containers to pull for party preparations.  You save time, you save money and you can save your sanity all through getting organized.  I am passionate about working with people and helping organize spaces to be comfortable and support a positive quality of life.