Our Services

A Taylored Space primarily offers hands-on organizing.  This is because we believe you are the most important part of the team.  Creating an environment that works for you requires you be present to make decisions and give input on the final product.  We listen to understand your organizing goals and collaborate to execute an action plan that meets those goals.

We Organize All These

  • Kitchens
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Kids Rooms
  • Craft Rooms
  • Garages, Attics, Storage Rooms/ Sheds
  • Collections, Photos, Memorabilia
  • Small Business or Home Offices
  • Records and Files
  • Seasonal and Holiday Items
  • Packing and Unpacking a Move
  • Time Management

If your project is not listed, ask how A Taylored Space can help.  We can develop a plan to meet your goals and if needed refer you to a specialized colleague.

A Taylored Space Experience

Initial Phone Consultation

Once we receive your request we will call within 48 hours.  The call allows us to get a better understanding of what your situation is, where you feel you need the most help and confirm an appointment for your onsite assessment.

-This part of our service is FREE.

Onsite Assessment

During this visit we will survey your space and assess the full scale of your project.  It also gives us the chance to reaffirm your organizing goal and plan the resources we may require to achieve your organizing goals.

The outcome of this time is a clearer picture of what the hand-on session would entail and an action plan for organizing solutions.

-The assessment takes approximately 1 hour

-This part of our process requires a project deposit of  $60.

Hands-On Organizing Sessions

The path to your organizing success is through your hands-on sessions.   During this time we work on the project detailed in the onsite assessment.  We work at a manageable pace to declutter and put in place solutions that will work for you.

-Hands-on sessions can be booked in up to 4 hour blocks

-The deposit paid during the assessment will be applied towards sessions held within 30 days of the assessment.

Followup Consultation

We will followup our hands-on session with a call to ensure your satisfaction.  If during this discussion you decide that you are satisfied with the project results but feel you need on-going support we can make arrangements for regular maintenance sessions.

If there are any further organizing needs you may have then we can immediately begin the process for your next project.

-This service is FREE with your completed organizing project.


Pricing for organizing with A Taylored Space will vary depending on complexity of the project and attention required.  Typically clients invest from several hundred to a few thousand dollars for more complex jobs.   Organizing is not about breaking your budget.  It is about putting in the time and systems needed for your space to serve you well.