5 Quick Tips To Create An Effective Work Area

Cluttered-desk-is-a-cluttered-mindOkay, some people can get great things done despite having a less than orderly office but Einstein was one of a kind…  Today I’m just going to focus on where most of us work 🙂

The 2nd Monday in January is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  That’s a good thing because the average office worker spends 2000 hours per year at the desk.   Make that space easier to use with these simple decluttering tips.

1. Gather items that you use most frequently and store them within easy reach of your usual seated position. This can include key current work files.

2. Place items that you use less frequently outside this area so they don’t clutter your work area, but they should still be easily accessible.

3. Consider getting rid of things you rarely use, storing them outside your office, or stashing them farther away from your desk to save your “prime real estate” for the most-used supplies.

4. File away past projects and those that won’t be worked until far off into the future. Remember to get rid of anything outdated or unneeded. Clutter breeds chaos .

5. Discover more space by looking up, down, and inside: Stash supplies in a plastic storage bin under your desk, install shelving above your desk for binders and literature boxes, and hide clutter in attractive boxes and bins.

Your decluttered desk doesn’t have to be completely empty but you should be able to find the supplies and files you need quickly.  Also you should have enough open flat space to spread out a small project and work on it.

Happy Organizing!





31 Ways To G.O.

Hope everyone is having a great year so far. If you are still working on setting your organizing goal maybe you can gain inspiration from the attached calendar. I’ve put together some ideas for actions and projects you can complete to help you get organized during the month. You don’t have to do everything day by day but I strongly encourage you do a couple of items this month that align to your organizing goal.

I look forward to hearing about your success!
CLick Here for January 2013 Calendar

Out the Door: In the Door

School’s been in for a couple of month’s now… So, how’s it going?

If your mornings are still a bit chaotic, follow these get-organized tips to ensure out-the-door ease.

• Make mornings flow smoothly by getting everything ready the night before: Have school bags packed and placed by the door and tomorrow’s outfits laid out. Pack the non-perishable parts of the lunches, so you can simply pop in a sandwich in the morning. Set the breakfast table.

• Create a checklist of kids’ to-do’s (make bed, brush teeth, etc.), and post it on the bathroom mirror. Likewise, create an “out-the-door” list of items they need to take to school, and post it near the exit door. You might include things like homework, lunch, library books, instruments, and gym shoes. (Some neat, ready-made checklists are available from www.simplyordered.com and www.listplanit.com.)

• Organize your kids’ arrival: Declare a proper destination for backpacks and school bags in the entryway, install hooks at a kid-friendly height, and have your children put bags there as they arrive home.

• Teach kids to empty out their backpacks right away after school. Immediately bring homework to their designated study spot, place papers that need parental review in a designated basket or tray, and put lunch containers in the kitchen. Encourage them to place coats, shoes, and hats in a designated spot to avoid frantic morning searches.

Having defined places for items, routines that drives task management and tools that support good communication will help make all your mornings good ones!