Hi, I’m Teresa

I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs take back control of your success so you can do what’s most important and live a life you love, without the overwhelm, stress, and regret plaguing today’s busy lifestyle.

I believe that everyone deserves a great life. 

By creating personalized organizing and productivity solutions that take into account your needs, habits and style, I help you create the time and environment that best supports you.

At A Taylored Space© the motto is ‘Make Room For Your Life’© and that is exactly what we help you do.

I work with high potential professionals and entrepreneurs to transform your mindsets, habits and environments with simple sustainable systems that make room for what inspires you to live and work more fully.

Are you experiencing any of the following?
• You don’t feel there are enough hours in the day to do what you need to
• You have so much of everything you can’t find anything
• You just want to relax but don’t feel comfortable in your own space
• You tried to get it together on your own but it didn’t last

If these statements sound familiar, you have come to the right place!

Let A Taylored Space help you to improve your work, home and life through personalized sustainable solutions to your organizing and productivity challenges.


I need to transform my home or work space to be neat and in order. 

Productivity Coaching

 Overwhelm, busyness and stress limit my success. I want to get the important things done.


Speak to my group or train us to work smarter and live better.

About Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor, Your Personal Productivity Mentor, is the CEO and founder of A Taylored Space. As a success minded entrepreneur and former 13-year professional in the petrochemicals industry, she deeply understand what’s needed to get focused, be productive, and feel successful at work and at home. Work with Teresa to clear clutter from your space and schedule, build systems to grow a business that works for you, and finally know that you are making the difference you wanted and living the life you are working so hard to have… Boosting your productivity can be EASY and FUN.

As I begin the New Year, I’m looking forward to what’s to come! Before working with you, I felt stuck, like I’d hit a wall with no way forward. I couldn’t see any obvious next steps, because I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted my life to be. After working with you, I have a clearer picture of myself – my values, my needs. I’ve developed strategies for moving forward in the areas of my life where I felt stuck. I am taking deliberate steps to live the “Super Single” life that I want!

~ Raekiela T.

Working with Teresa from A Taylored Space was a great experience.  My work space had gotten way out of control.  I felt as out of control and my desk was.  I had tried to find some sort of organization on my own, but I wasn’t very successful.  Teresa came in and helped me see the bigger picture of what the area was to be used for, and what should and shouldn’t be there.  She knows just the right questions to ask to help me get really clear and cut through the excuses.  She also helped me set up a system to keep myself organized that works best for me and to keep me accountable.  Teresa is good at what she does and alot of fun to work with!!

~Paige R.

I’m very happy with the direction things are moving now since Teresa has been coaching me.   I feel that I’m so critical of myself so much.  Learning to work on breaking down my goals and using my new planner is very helpful in keeping track of what I’m doing and what’s getting missed. 

I want to accomplish a lot and it came down to how do I have the time to make it all happen. We put my goals under a spotlight.  Now I can decide.  I make time for what I want, I’m more reliable, I’m nicer to myself.

~Chris O.