Talking with a friend recently she had an AHA! moment and started digging into her purse. She said she had a number for someone I could talk to about that topic and would share it. She began pulling out wallets and papers and beauty items and ink pens and loose change and fussing about not being able to find it and needing to get that purse together. As I watched I quickly realized I needed to help my friend.? I took her purse and pulled everything out then started walking her through the process of making SPACE. I had extra paper clips in my bag and we made quick time of it because she had to go. She thanked me for my help adding she was glad we did it and she felt like she knew where her life was going today because she depended on her purse as a catchall.? Guess I hadn’t thought that for some ladies organizing your purse could be the first step to reorganizing your life.? In just 15 minutes we were able to go through everything in her bag, setting aside what didn’t belong and bundling what she wanted to keep.? We didn’t find the contact info but we did find a need for a new tool: a purse organizer.? I recommended a few to her and have included them along with some additional solutions in the below list.

1. Get a better wallet