perfect room magazineEver feel like you are the only one not getting results from following Perfect Room?Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Tips for Organizing Everything in 10 Minutes’ article.? The truth is you are not the only one.? Part of the reason for this disconnect is that while the article may contain sound advice, it may not be a good fit to your personal preferences.? So how can YOU get organized and maintain it?? Start by finding your style.

?Coach and Momprenuer Mentor Cena Block developed the TSSI- Time and Space Style Inventory? to help you better understand your unique preferences for using time and managing our space.? ??The TSSI takes into account how you normally interact with your environment and to-do list to help you assess your personal style.? With this understanding you are set up to reach peak levels of productivity (we call it “FLOW”– a heightened state of focus resulting in efficient action and ultimately fulfilling results) in which you are able to do more and stay organized because you are aligning your strengths and preferences with specific techniques that work.?

Check out this video explaining the TSSI and how it can help you.


It takes about 15 minutes to complete the inventory and you are sent a report that gives your styles in a range from dominant, strong to moderate.? You also get access to the TSSI Hub where you can find more details on each style including the steps you can take to make the most of your time and space and? achieve flow.?

In taking the TSSI I discovered that I am a Hopper- Big Picture- Cliff Hanger.? I see across all there is to do then I jump from thing to thing and continue working until the last moment at which I had to call a task done (there’s a bit of the Perfectionist showing up too).? With the insights gained from the TSSI I was able to adjust a couple of my task management routines based on the suggested flow steps in my report.?? It has helped to relieve anxiety about the laundry list of projects that I want to get done.? I also can maintain a higher state of focus because I know there is already rest and play time built into my workflow.?

What about you? What do you hope to learn in understanding your style better?

When you’re ready to discover your style go here to access the TSSI.

Happy Organizing!