coutesy of, we do just keep the organizing festivities coming :)? October is National?Clean Out Your Files Month.? It’s a second great time of year to spend some time organizing your files.? The first time I recommend is in April around tax time.? We are 6 months from April now and I think it helps to relieve some of the pressure to focus on the financial records in the spring and others now. To get started, follow these 3 tips for some filing fun this month.

Rethink Reference

The Small Business Administration says that 80% of the paper we file we never refer to again.???80% !? OK now look at your files.? That means if you have 5 drawers saved you will likely never even look at 4 of them again.? Think about that as you go through your files. ??Also think about whether you can access the info again either in print or electronically.

Package Projects

By taking the time to sort files into categories of similar subject area, you can then see the true volume and make easier decisions down the road both in purging and in storing.?? This applies to creative friends also.? Whether it is writing, photos, paper crafts you may have some project files that have gathered some dust.? Keep an eye out for old projects you don’t remember why you wanted to do or have been sitting for substantial time.? Also gather up the pieces that may connect from other areas of the home/ studio and get them together as a project file.

Save Some Space

Don’t overfill the drawers, cabinets, boxes and folders used to store your files.? When full the average 4 drawer file cabinet holds 15-20,000 pieces of paper (In my best Robin voice” Holy smokes Batman that’s a lot of paper cuts!”)? There is nothing worse than trying to open a drawer that eats up your hand, barely moves or falls off the hinges because it is overstuffed.? When files are tightly packed it’s harder to read the labels and handle the files.? Additionally if all the drawers are full you won’t ?have room to store other critical files, you buy additional storage, fill it all up, buy additional storage and the accumulation of clutter begins.

These were just a few quick tips to get you going to fabulous files.? As long as we wish to record our life activities, we will need to take care of our files.? Make some time this month to give your files the attention they need and you’ll be rewarded with easier access to your important pieces of information and maybe even a little more piece of mind.

Happy Organizing,