Oh! It’s 22 degrees outside in Baton Rouge. I won’t be going anywhere for a while. Since I’m stuck inside, now is a good time to do a little detail work. January is Get Organized Month so it’s a perfect time to recover from the holidays and set up new systems to keep things in order this new year. Here are my choices for what to organize today:
1. My phone

I have 3 words: photos, files, apps. I got this faaaabulous Samsung S7Edge last summer but like any other phone it has storage limits.  So every few months I clean it out.  I delete apps I haven’t used.  Same with files that I have opened in my office documents and pdf viewers. These are files I worked on live or just viewed  from emails and online downloads. 

Now photos require a little more attention.  I have to ensure any photos related to the flood are in the appropriate Dropbox folder.  I also like to delete copies, poor quality photos and ones I can’t tell why I took (like that picture of my hairstyle last month). I estimate this to take 2.5 hours.  Many of these photos and files have to be individually viewed bigger than a thumbnail. 

2. My paperwork

After the great flood I made a binder to record my progress and keep up with receipts and communication.  It is in pretty good order except for recent online purchases. Since my buddy Stan “The Tax Man” Adkins advised on claiming casualty loss this year I need to make sure I have what I need for taxes. So the binder will be added to my tax folder for this year. If you did not keep all that documentation together why not gather it up to its one box so you can find it faster later.

It would also be a good day for a shred party! Back files that aren’t included in my itemization are good candidates. Plus the recycle bin was emptied yesterday. I estimate this to take no more than an hour. Most if the emails and paper is already together. I want to total up expenditures from my daily summary sheets. Shredding can be done with hot cocoa and a movie. 

3. My email

I recently decided to narrow my focus on learning and development this year. I want to make sure that I’ve unsubscribed from the lists that will distract me and while I’m in there I can clean out my unrollme, trash and sent messages. I estimate this will take 1.5 hours because some of the sent messages may need to be filed as records or need an additional quick followup. 

So I know, I know not all fun and games but while I complete these tasks I can put on some good music and take a couple of dance breaks. 

I hope you can make a little time today to get organized and on track for the new year.  Let me know what you decided to tackle today.

Happy Organizing,