Tired of not getting tasks done in your business?

Ready for a breakthrough in your productivity?


Get your to-dos done. Achieve your goals.

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Getting more done in your business is SO MUCH EASIER than you think. 

You've been trying to grow your business for a while now.

You bought all the Black Friday courses and listened to all the top gurus.

You still don't have a real plan to complete your goals.

You're not getting the results you want but feel too tired to do more.

You're frustrated, ashamed and worried about important things that aren't done.

You’ve been running nonstop so what’s it going to take to breakthrough?

How will you tell your friends and family that you’ve missed all this time with them but have so little to show for it?

You thought by now you'd be a millionaire on the beach making 6-figures on auto-pilot... It feels more like a million to one odds that you’ll survive this next month.

What you really want is:

  • to be in control of your time.
  • to get more done in your day.
  • to have an easier way to plan for what matters.
  • to get into action and execute successfully.
  • to experience less overwhelm and more down time.

You want to feel confident that when you start your day you know exactly where to start to accomplish what’s on your to-do list list.

I know because it's what I wanted in my business too...

Hi, I'm Teresa! I'm your personal productivity mentor and I've been stuck too.

When I started my online coaching business all I wanted was to speak to sell coaching, host workshops and grow my influence, but I didn’t know how.

I burned so many hours busy and running in circles. I found a bunch of online gurus and tried to do everything they told me.

I quickly realized I couldn't keep up with all of the programs and checklists they said I needed to finish.

I was afraid I’d never reach my goals.

I knew there was a better way I just didn’t have the perspective to simplify how I invested my time.

When it comes to getting tasks done it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you just need to get organized and try harder.

That doesn’t work for long…


That thinking leaves you struggling all on your own, counting on luck, and praying for enough willpower, discipline and caffeine to get everything done…


The reality is you're looking for a quick fix to a complex problem.


And it shows because you:

  • Constantly notice that so and so makes it look so easy
  • Spend a lot of time on trivial things
  • Lack clear systems to manage your tasks
  • Barely adjust to challenges often losing flow and getting stuck
  • Have compromised relationships putting you constantly on the defensive
  • Experience high stress leading to avoidance, errors and overwhelm
  • Crave work that is more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Sound familiar? There are 2 things I know:

#1 You get to define your success

#2 Productivity isn't just about doing more in less time

After all the

  • overwhelm from forcing yourself to do busywork
  • confusion about what right thing to work or not
  • lost time trying to make it work on your own
  • frustration at the lack of results and low productivity
  • embarrassment of not being able to grow your business.
  • tiredness and tail dragging from too much work and no play...

There comes a point where you have to decide to take back control!

It took some time, but I developed a step-by-step system for setting simpler goals and working on the bigger newer parts of my unique business.

You can put my system to work for you too in my all new Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator.

Here's what's possible:

Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator means leveraging skills to identify the tasks essential to growing your income and impact, instead of just busy work.

Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator means knowing you're winning with systems to execute tasks efficiently and monitoring progress towards your goals.

Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator means avoiding burnout by adding rest and personal fulfillment in your day to sustain energy and motivation.

"I've never worked like this. You made it so easy to set my goal and take the exactly right steps to get the project done. "

- TA, Merchant Payment Solutions

"Teresa helped me to setup my systems and processes for managing my business, and life, tasks. I just didn’t have the time to sit down and do these things on my own. It was the biggest relief to finally have things built and ready to implement."

- JB, Civil Engineering

The Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator is all about building the skills, systems and support to regain your power so that you can

GET YOUR TO-DOs DONE and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS...(You can have that!)

Introducing the Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator!  

EVERYTHING you need to convert your to-do list into focused action that increases your productivity and lets you achieve your goals with more control, less stress and more time for you!

Increasing your business productivity requires a few key elements

The Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator has all of these:

Planning your activities in a way that is simple, clear and easy.

The biggest mistake is assuming just because you set a goal that it will just magically start completing itself. You have to make room in the day for your priorities. Easy calendar planning helps you get started on your goals.

Developing a daily rhythm to successfully execute day by day.

Routines and habits are powerful. You can have the best intentions but when situations arise your brain goes into default mode. Creating routines for your day helps you take focused action and keep moving in a positive rhythm that ensures you complete what was intended.

Making time for rest that undoes the overwhelm you’ve been facing. 

Burnout is real! I've seen so many messages lately from business owners saying they are hitting a wall, just tired, unmotivated and burned out. Balancing your intense activity with periods of recovery and rest will help you sustain.

Getting support when stuck so you can quickly get tasks restarted.

When accountable to others you're more likely to show up. Plus having expert support will ensure that as you're getting stuck you can adjust and still execute instead of staying stuck and unproductive.

Join us in The Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator!

90 days of coaching and accountability to get more done in your business

  • My best productivity coaching modules on priorities, planning time, boundaries, delegation, energy management and more in an easy to access and implement format
  • AND a community of like- minded entrepreneurs striving to get more done and reach the next level in their business and life!
  • Learn how to structure your day and week just enough to keep you in action
  • Discover where to strengthen your productivity skills to change the way you work for the better
  • Implement strategies to establish and maintain focus
  • Design rock star routines that make your mornings (and the rest of your day) work
  • Experience dedicated time for co-working to skip the excuse of not having time to do it
  • Receive laser coaching in the group to help keep you unstuck
  • Caring accountability that not only measures your wins but helps you learn from your trys
  • $1997 in bonuses (see below)

TOOLS you need to become an entrepreneur who actually achieves goals with less stress!

You saved me this year! I had all the ideas but was not executing. My earnings didn't match the effort I put in everyday. Now I'm able to see what I'm working on all in one place. I have a schedule, I'm mindful about the priorities and I use my boundaries. I also didn't realize how much fear and perfectionism were slowing me down. Being accountable with you helped keep me in gear.

— EJ, Marketing Consultant


Find your power faster. Join the Accelerator.

These 90 days may be exactly what you need to take control of your business and life.


When you join you access this bonus package:

Welcome Bonus #1 Your Next 90 Days Goalsetting Workshop ($497 Value)

Learn how to take your big goals and break them down into key action plans that you can complete in a powerful 90-day campaign. The course will be held just before the Accelerator starts and you’ll have access to the recordings

Pay In Full Bonus #2 Private 1-2-1 Coaching Calls ($1,500 Value)

Commit in full today and get 3 private 1-2-1 coaching calls (1 hour each) that you can use to boost your strategy and accountability anytime during the 90-day accelerator.

Want more details? Here you go!



  • Weekly group planning and review sessions: Develop a rhythm of planning, action and review in your week to ensure you successfully complete what is intended.
  • Weekly group co-work and laser coaching session: Get unstuck and share inertia to help you get started on priority tasks.
  • Bi-weekly productivity training with Q&A: Strengthen skills to help you feel more empowered and effective in achieving your goals.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins: Build on your wins, fails and learning with expert accountability from me.
  • Members Only Facebook Group: A private entrepreneur-only community because iron sharpens iron! You want to connect and learn with those who’ve experienced your challenges and have as much on the line as you do. When exposed to a progressive striving network, you're inspired to get to your next level in business. 


  • Bonus #1: Your Next 90 Days Goalsetting Workshop
    ($ 497 Value)
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2: 3 Private 1-2-1 Coaching Calls ($1,500 Value)
    ($1500 Value)


  • Option 1: $1500 Pay -In-Full
  • Option 2: 2 payments of $750/month

The Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator is available until: April 15th 11:59pm

Ready to finally achieve your business goals?

Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator

The program runs April 18 through July 18, 2022


One more thing...

It’s Teresa again.
It doesn’t take forever for you to build a successful business and life.

What drags it out is when you struggle with busyness, low productivity, and overwhelm that eats away at your achievement.

And you don’t need to have all the answers to start turning things around. You just need to take the first step- decide to take consistent focused action in the direction of your goals.

Once I made that decision to take control of my action, it was easy to develop the next steps for how to reach my goals.

I stopped being busy with all those random things...

I started to plan out the tasks that clearly connected to my goals and I got more of those tasks done.
And my business started to grow.

Same for my clients!

Each day starts with a plan of action that makes it easier to get started, stay in action, acknowledge completion, and still have room for down time. I feel like a business owner with the results to match. You can have this too when you choose to commit to up-level your productivity.

If you’re on the fence about whether to join the program, I want you to consider what’s possible. You don’t just get some things done you cut through the chaos and distraction to focus the right things. You get to the last steps in that big project without feeling like you need to sleep for a week just to recover. You develop the skills and systems to help you be successful again on the next project.

There’s no reason you can’t have this. It starts with the decision to do things differently.

If you’ve made the decision to start taking back control of your success, the Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator is the place for you. Be accountable in a community of like-minded people, get expert training you can immediately implement, take better care of yourself while you take care of business AND get expert support from me along the way.

Let’s do this!!!

The Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator is available until: April 15th 11:59pm

Ready to finally achieve your business goals?

Entrepreneur Productivity Accelerator