• Decide which tasks add value and will be your priority to work 
  • Complete essential tasks in less time with less interruptions 
  • Make room in your day to relieve the stress and enjoy yourself.

Save time, achieve your goals and love your location independence!


The 5 Questions to Ask Before Adding Anything to Your To-Do List

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Location Independence Productivity Plan

  • Tired of getting to the end of a busy day and wondering where the time went?
  • Want to reclaim time to enjoy the amazing location you’re working from?
  • Ready to get more done in a way that feels right for your lifestyle?

There is an easier path to success!

The Location Independence Productivity Plan helps busy entrepreneurs, like you, to establish a foundation to be productive working from anywhere.  You’ll have the tools to design a productive space, work an efficient schedule and build flexible systems all to support achieving your business goals and enjoying your laptop lifestyle.   

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Teresa is the founder of A Taylored Space, a productivity and organizing firm that shows professionals and entrepreneurs how to take back control of their success by streamlining their businesses, homes and lives. Teresa’s definition of productivity is being able to do the things that matter most with the time you have available without going crazy. She’s known for making productivity principles easy to understand and implement.  

Teresa left the 9 to 5 world of working for a Fortune 100 company. She wanted to help other busy professionals have the great lives they worked so hard for because she too had experienced a period of really high activity that lacked a sense of achievement and happiness. She quickly realized that many other business owners needed support to stabilize and grow their companies and expanded her services to include entrepreneurs.  

Over 10 years of organizing and coaching experience, Teresa has developed systems to help entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals get out of overwhelm, reclaim time and move towards their vision of a successful life.  

When she’s not working Teresa enjoys gardening, happy hour with friends and telling stories of her roomie, Kitty Dog (yes the dog is named Kitty).