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Individual Coaching

We all have different gifts, skills and strengths. You don’t have to feel like yours are working against you as you face new challenges. As your Productivity Coach I will help you build the skills and structure to finally start achieving the goals you want without the busyness and stress that’s been keeping you stuck.

• Realizing you don’t have the right tools, apps or programs to magically make it all work?
• Does it feel like everything is equally important and nothing gets done?
• Are you overwhelmed with all there is to do and wish had simpler ways to get the right things completed?
• Want to use your time effectively and stop sacrificing your personal life for the to-do list?

When your to-do list is long it can feel like you’ll never have time to fit everything in. Adding structure and processes can be hard especially if you’re constantly getting distracted or putting out fires. And sure, there’s a hack or app for everything these days but they often leave you with more questions and frustration. With the proper support, combining your personal strengths with specific productivity skills will help you breakthrough and build even greater success without sacrificing all your personal time and peace of mind.

Topics for Individual Coaching
Connecting goals to priorities and planning time so your priority tasks get completed
Boundary setting and life balance
Task management, reducing interruptions and increasing focus
Prioritizing self-care and personal time
Beating procrastination
Customizing productivity tools
Email and digital clutter management
Prioritize tasks so you can move through your day with less stress
Simplifying routines and workflow to maximize efficiency
Creating and maintaining productive spaces
Clearing mental clutter
Implementation of personal life change

Contact me today to understand what’s in the way of your good days, start managing your most important tasks and achieve your goals with more ease!