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I help clients to take back control from clutter and chaos. Using an integrated approach of organizing and coaching, we start with the why to understand your challenges then work with your style to create solutions that work and that you can confidently maintain.

Here’s where I help:

Home Organizing

Business Organizing

There’s no place like home but racing to keep up with the pace of today’s life can leave your space out of control.   We define how you want to live at home then help you to clear the clutter by transforming your space with easy to maintain systems that fit into your busy lifestyle.

Piles of files and overbooked schedules can make work feel like a warzone.  Taking time to understand your business needs, we provide solutions which help you serve your clients more efficiently and refocus your best efforts on growing your bottom line.


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Here’s how it work:

Initial Phone Consultation

I will call at the requested appointment time. The call allows us to get a better understanding of your situation, where you feel you need the most help and assess the full scale of your project. It also gives us the chance to reaffirm your organizing goal and plan the resources we may require to achieve your project goal.

The outcome of this time is a clearer picture of what the hands-on session would entail and an action plan for organizing solutions.

-This part of the service is now FREE.

Working Sessions (Hands-On Organizing)

The path to your organizing success is through your working sessions. During this time we work on the project detailed in the consultation. We work at a manageable pace to address your areas of concern and put in place solutions that will work for you.

-In-person sessions can be booked at various package levels for organizing. Ask about these during your consultation.

The framework of your client experience is organizing process that is comprehensive yet customizable for each clients unique situation and goals.

Follow-Up Consultation

We will follow-up our in-person sessions to ensure you have next steps in place and ensure your satisfaction. If during this discussion you decide that you are satisfied with the project results but feel you need on-going support we can make arrangements for regular maintenance sessions.

If you have further needs then we can immediately begin the process for your next project.

-This service is now FREE with your completed organizing session.

Ready to get started? Schedule your initial consultation today or call 225-928-0595.