Teresa Taylor MBA CPC

Your Personal Productivity Mentor


Teresa Taylor helps professionals and entrepreneurs take back control of their success by streamlining their businesses, homes and lives. She founded A Taylored Space, a productivity and organizing firm in 2009.

Drawing on over 10 years of organizing and coaching experience, Teresa has developed systems to eliminate overwhelm, reclaim time and move clients towards their goals.  Her approach to coaching clients with ADHD and executive functioning challenges is science based, creative and judgement free.

When not working Teresa enjoys gardening, happy hour and telling stories of her roomie, Kitty (yes the dog’s named Kitty).

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a productivity and organizing expert?
Since 2009 I have been helping people get organized. Decluttering closets, kitchens, garages, unpacking after moves and building better offices. I started my business looking for a break from my fulltime corporate career in the petrochemicals industry.

A defining moment happened in 2011.

More of my clients with big projects weren’t making the progress we planned. These busy professionals couldn’t keep the appointments or were just stuck and I began thinking there has to be another way to help them be successful. At the same time I was having my own challenges in the corporate setting. My work was suffocating and my days lacked accomplishment and fulfillment. I experienced all this at the same time was taking a class on the fundamentals of coaching. And even better the program added a layer of working with neurodiverse clients from the perspective of high performers with ADHD.

It all started to make sense. The clients that couldn’t focus long enough to complete an appointment, were overwhelmed by all the tasks and stuck without decisions on what to do with their stuff needed more. I left my corporate role in 2013 and was committed to helping other professionals find the freedom and fulfillment that they longed for… that so many of them confided in me they weren’t getting. I went on to be certified as an Organizer Coach in 2015 and have specialized in productivity because I wanted to address all the external and brain-based factors that makeup your systems of success. I soon realized that many other business owners also needed support to stabilize and grow their companies and expanded my services to include entrepreneurs. I upleveled to a Certified Productivity Coach in 2020.

I now spend my days working with wonderful clients who I help get to the next level in the business and personal lives. Drawing on my 10 years of organizing and coaching clients, I develop programs, workshops and products to help entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals get out of overwhelm, reclaim time and move towards their vision of a successful life.

Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are smart ambitious black women professionals, entrepreneurs and organization leaders.  They are passionate about changing their industries and communities, but they are overwhelmed by having so much to so in so little time all without the skills and systems to consistently achieve their goals. They recognize some of their challenges may be linked to their unique thinking style yet are determined not to let that different way of processing stop them from moving forward. They want to have organized productive environments, build systems in their businesses, make time to focus on action and learn the skills needed to get more consistent results.

My clients lead in many industries: Physicians, Program Managers, Researchers, IT Consultants, Educators, Financial Planners, HR Managers, Insurance Agents, Nurses, Online Marketing Coaches, Non-Profit Founders, Credit Specialists, Engineers, Construction Contractors, Branding Specialists, Artists, Social Media Strategists, Life Coaches, Event Planner, Dance Instructors, Project Managers, Health Insurance Company, Authors, Mortgage Specialists, Clergy, Bankers, Realtors, News Editors, Podcast Host, Department Managers, Solopreneurs, Volunteer Teams, Govt Program Managers, Photographer, Health Coaches, retirees and more.
And if I haven’t worked with someone in your field, no worries. If you are experiencing the challenges of my clients, then we can successfully work together. And, getting support in ways your competitors have not can help elevate your impact and reach.

Are you like other productivity coaches?
In some ways I am but I’m way cooler! Two things make me different.
One is my background in engineering, business, non-profit leadership, professional organizing and coaching which uniquely equips me to identify core issues, evaluate creative options and develop workable plans to solve problems and improve performance.

The other is my belief that everyone deserves a great life. One in which you can do the things that are most important with the time you have available and not have to sacrifice your sanity, health, dignity and fulfillment. It’s hard to have that in our non-stop world. It’s even harder when your best efforts are inhibited by conditions like ADHD, low executive functioning and high stress. To be productive doesn’t mean that you shed your humanity and commit to putting out maximum widgets in a day at all costs. Yes we work on planning time and we also address goals, boundary setting, communication, self-reinvention and more… I can help you make decisions that move you forward, make time to take positive action so you can finally make room for a life you’ll love.

Who do you work best with?
A Taylored Space programs and packages were created to help people who are excited about getting better results and are serious about reducing stress and getting out of overwhelm by putting in place systems that increase efficiency, are easy to maintain and empower you to achieve the success you’re after.

You’ll be most successful working with me when you:

  • Are excited for your future and ready to get started
  • Are okay with not having all of the answers all at once yet open to what is best for you
  • Are personally committed to being the key to your own success
  • Are ready to invest time and resources to improve your business and life
  • Are curious about how your unique brain can function at its best
  • Appreciate the balance of challenge and support provided when working with an expert
  • Commit to actively participate in the process and can ask for additional help when needed
  • Aren’t looking for a one-size-fits-all, quick fix exercise but want a customized realistic plan you can execute at sustainable pace
  • Are open to understanding how disorganization and lack of productivity impacts many areas of your life and want to learn skills that help maintain your space and systems going forward.

I love the work I do and want for my clients to have a great experience and outcomes they really need. With that in mind I have some thoughts about challenging situations with limited results and what led to them.
You would not be a good fit to work with me right now if you:

  • Aren’t ready to get honest about your lack of productivity and disorganization
  • Are okay with being stuck
  • Want to continue to ignore the brain-based factors that may be keeping you stuck
  • See chaos, busyness and struggle as trophies to be accumulated on the road to success
  • Don’t believe that you play a critical role in your success
  • Don’t want to take action
  • Are uncoachable and believe you already have all the answers

This is where the excuses end. It’s time to embrace a new way of thinking, learning and acting.  If you’re ready,  I’m here to support you as you achieve your next big goal.

Does this really work?
Yes! Coaching and Organizing work when we all work together. The result of our time together will be organization, systems, and processes to help you save time, maintain order and improve results with less stress. You have more time for family, clients and yourself.

I’m ready Teresa, how can I get started?

Great I’m excited to hear that you want to take the next steps to live your best life. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary consult call to talk about how I can support your success.