Help to reach your full potential

I have seen the results of coaching and want to share with you the wonderfully transformative power it offers.

A Taylored Space can help you shift your mindset and activity to experience a more inspired productive life.

Coaching is a partnering process in which you the client are empowered to build awareness of your situation, learn through your values and strengths, and design actions to align with your goals.

Coaching is right for you when you:

  • Need more clarity on where you want to go, who you want to be and what’s keeping you from getting there
  • Feel stuck in unproductive thinking or repetitive actions getting the same limited results
  • Are ready to move past difficulties and try new ways of achieving success
  • Want a confidential partner to help you “work things out” through a balance of encouragement and accountability

Coaching with A Taylored Space includes:


Assessments to deepen insight into your perspectives, needs and preferences



Conversations providing a safe and ample space to think, learn and grow


Create customized strategies and initiate specific action planning to build skills and chart your unique path to success 


Support implementing your plans to ensure you feel focused, motivated and accountable in working smartly and living as your best self

I know that change is not easy. Seeing and doing things differently takes courage when challenges arise. The good news is you are the expert in your life! As your coach my role is that of a partner who guides you to discover the answers inside and cultivate a life that fits your dreams.


-Here’s how we help:  

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

It’s easy to mistake busy for productivity. With that in mind we explore your whys, develop your definition of success then design a customized plan of action to help you strengthen critical skills and do more of what’s most essential to your goal achievement and personal fulfillment.

To translate goals into results a team needs the right skills, systems and support.  Developing specific productivity skills with live expert guided group sessions helps you hone your strengths in a collaborative environment then leverage them to achieve better results in less time with less stress.

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How it works

A Taylored Space helps clients to take back control from clutter and chaos.  With an approach that includes assessing your strength and challenges, skill-building in key productivity factors, and personalized coaching I’ll help you gain greater awareness of your results, take action in new ways to stretch to your goals and finally begin completing the most important activities on your to-do list. Here’s how I work:


Initial Phone Strategy Session

We will call into a conference line at your requested appointment time.  This call allows me to get a better understanding of your productivity challenges, where you feel you need the most help and assess the best next step you can take to achieve your goals. 

The outcome of this time is a clearer picture of what’s been holding you back and what action you are ready to take to boost your productivity, including which coaching package will best support you.


Kick-Off Session

After deciding to begin coaching a further intake process allows me to get to know you better. Your background and big goals, support system and thoughts about yourself and your results will be explored in the kickoff session.  We’ll also set the groundwork for how we will work together.


Coaching Sessions (Virtual via phone or Zoom)

The path to your productivity success is amplified through your coaching sessions.   During this time we work on the skills and goals detailed in the kick-off session.  We work at a manageable pace to address your areas of growth and put in place systems and routines that will work for you.   

-Coaching sessions can be booked at various package levels from a full day VIP session to several months of coaching partnership.


Closing Session

We will follow-up our coaching engagement to ensure you have next steps in place and ensure your satisfaction.  If during this discussion you decide that you are satisfied with the outcomes and results but feel there are additional challenges at hand, then we can immediately begin the process for your next level productivity goals.

-This service is included with your completed coaching package.


Please note with programs and group support there is often a training element to our work together in addition to action taking and coaching. There may be times when I switch hats to provide you with training and information drawn from my experience in client work and building industry best practices. 

Ready to start using insight and focused action to get to your best life?