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Team Coaching

Building great teams doesn’t happen by accident.  Both leaders and team members share in your level of success. As your Productivity Coach, I will partner with you to develop the strategic approach to guide your work, leverage your resources and ensure each person has a positive contribution.

  • Want to reduce conflict and drive results?
  • Afraid some team members aren’t empowered to engage their best strengths?
  • Need streamlined routines to help you focus on work that counts each day?
  • Craving a stronger culture where everyone works together to achieve priorities?

Athletes, singers, even spelling bee champions know that having a coach can give you an edge in achieving your goals. So do high performing business teams! When you understand how to motivate, build a safe place to take risks and employ key skills you have the winning formula needed to respond to today’s dynamic business environment.  With the right support, tools and technique to nurture collaboration you can enjoy a productivity boost for each individual and resultantly the whole team.

Topics for Team Coaching
Building successful teams
Tapping into and maximizing motivation
Decision making
Effective processes and streamlining workflow
Leadership competencies and productivity
Constructive delegation and accountability
Project execution and designing metrics/scoreboard
Efficient engaged meetings

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